Luther’s Disputation Against Scholastic Theology

August 8, 2007

[This is the full text of Luther’s 1517 Disputation Against Scholastic Theology. I hope to have more analysis and interaction with the text soon! I’ve highlighted the propositions I find most problematic.]

1. To say that Augustine exaggerates in speaking against heretics is to say that Augustine tells lies almost everywhere. This is contrary to common knowledge.

2. This is the same as permitting Pelagians and all heretics to triumph, indeed, the same as conceding victory to them.

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Thomas Aquinas is not a Semi-Pelagian

June 15, 2007

À propos of nothing I would like to spend a bit of time putting forward Thomas Aquinas’ position on the relationship of nature and grace. The goal here is to exonerate Thomas of the charge of Semi-Pelagianism. This is a fairly common accusation protestants raise against the scholastics, and it would not surprise me if there were some pelagians running around in the later 14th or 15th century, but I do not think the charge sticks well against Thomas–not because I have some prior commitment to Thomas being right all the time–just because I don’t think it happens to be true.

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