Send up of Radical Orthodoxy

October 9, 2007

Read it at the Smithy.


Ahmadinejad at Columbia University

September 21, 2007

[This isn’t really scholasticism-related, but it’s too juicy to pass up.]

So the anti-Semite president of Iran is coming to give a speech at Columbia University. I’m torn here. Part of me thinks it was a terrible idea for him to come and for Columbia to invite him. Part of me wants to go and see what happens. What on earth does this man have to say?

What is your opinion, O readers mine? Should I go or should I stay? What question should I ask if I get a chance?

Best Search Term ever to Bring Someone to this Blog?

September 21, 2007

“Latin Dominatrix”.


Useful tool for medievalists

September 18, 2007

I’ve often wished there were a way to automatically spellcheck latin text in my wordprocesser. Now there is. And it works with both Open Office and Microsoft Word.

Brief Note

August 15, 2007

Thanks to everyone who has been bearing with me for the last few weeks as posting has slowed to a crawl. After a brief stay with family and friends I have now arrived at my new home in New York. It’ll take a few days still to get settled and to get internet access and such set up, but hopefully I’ll be back to posting more soon and very soon.  Thanks for your patience.

Computer Death

Julius 2, 2007

Hey folks, 

 Sorry for the brief hiatus here.  My computer has gone to the great Recycle Bin in the sky and I’m only able to get to a computer at the Library. I promise I’ll be back with more hard-hitting medieval philosophy soon! Until then just talk amongst yourselves.

Poetry Break!

May 17, 2007

Epistemology by Richard Wilbur


Kick at the rock, Sam Johnson, break your bones:

But cloudy, cloudy is the stuff of stones.


We milk the cow of the world, and as we do

We  whisper in her ear, “You are not true.”