Secondary Sources

Have I left something out? Help out and suggest a link!

Dictionary Articles

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Medievalist Homepages

Gyula Klima’s homepage contains dozens of his articles.

Robert Pasnau’s homepage contains several links to his articles and reviews.

The Peter Aureol homepage maintained by Russell Friedman.

Alfred Freddoso’s homepage also has links to many of his articles and translations.

Eleonore Stump’s homepage with a few articles.

Paul Vincent Spade maintains a page for Medieval Logic and Philosophy which contains links to several Latin texts and translations including the complete texts of his monograph: Thoughts, Words and Things: An Introduction to Late Medieval Logic and Semantic Theory.

 Peter King has a fantastic webpage with links to dozens of original texts and translations.


So You Wanna Write a Book in MSWord. The name says it all.


2 Responses to Secondary Sources

  1. cajetan says:

    Holla Shane! Just got around to logging into this. Incidentally, I also started writing papers for the semester. My blog activity seems to be directly proportional to the amount of time I spend staring at a blank MS Word document… Anyways, here’s a couple other things to put up on this page:

    Andreas Speer’s webpage – has some useful papers:

    The Franscican Archive – has some hard-to-find Scotus and Bonaventure stuff:

  2. cajetan says:

    Oh. By the way, in case the name and content of the message failed to tip you off, it’s Adam. Are you coming to Fordham next year?

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