Happy Reformation Day!

We confess together that all persons depend completely on the saving grace of God for their salvation. The freedom they possess in relation to persons and the things of this world is no freedom in relation to salvation, for as sinners they stand under God’s judgment and are incapable of turning by themselves to God to seek deliverance, of meriting their justification before God, or of attaining salvation by their own abilities. Justification takes place solely by God’s grace.

(from the Joint Lutheran/Catholic Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification [Emphasis mine])


2 Responses to Happy Reformation Day!

  1. virmaior says:

    So what it’s saying in English is that Trent was wrong and Luther was right?

  2. scholasticus says:

    I actually don’t see that the council of Trent requires a merit theory (though it is plainly meant to be compatible with one). To be sure Trent rejects monergism understood in the protestant way, but I don’t think this implies that Trent teaches salvation by works.

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