Henry of Ghent’s Doctrine of Analogy: Its Origins and Interpretations

Whoo boy! Feels good to finally finish my Master’s Thesis. If for some reason the preceding post didn’t slake your thirst, you can read the whole thing here:

Henry of Ghent’s Doctrine of Analogy

Let’s all just hope that it passes!



8 Responses to Henry of Ghent’s Doctrine of Analogy: Its Origins and Interpretations

  1. wtm1 says:

    Congratz on being finished! Now our merry little blogging band has written two theses!


  2. haldendoerge says:

    Congratulations! No small feat, and it looks like an interesting read.

  3. mamasboy2100 says:

    Congrats on finishing up. What is next for you? A PhD? When I got my masters in engineering, I went straight to work. There’s something about a wife and baby that motivates one to leave academia and start making money. Sometimes I wonder if I would have gone on had I not had such responsibilities. The time I spent at grad school was so challenging and enjoyable.

    God bless you wherever you end up.


  4. scholasticus says:

    Thanks guys,

    I’m off to New York now to start a Ph.D. in philosophy!


  5. westmalle says:

    Sounds like a Master’s great project, Shane, and I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog (got the link from David Congdon’s blog). Not sure if you remember me, but this is Steve Lake, a fellow Wheaton and Leuven grad. (I taught at Wheaton during Bruce Benson’s sabbatical and am now chair of the philosophy department at Trinity Christian College.) Anyway, I hope your defense goes superbly and that everything in Leuven finishes up equally grand. Are you starting a Ph.D. at Fordham?

    By for now,


  6. scholasticus says:

    Hi Prof. Lake,

    I do remember you well and here in Leuven I’ve made friends with some of your old colleagues like Michael and Julianne Funk-Deckard.

    I am indeed going to Fordham to start a Ph.D. doing medieval philosophy. It will be nice to be back in the states, but I’ll miss the westmalle and the Amadee and the unbelievable Leuven library.

    If you like the blog, keep me in mind. You know, just in case Trinity needs a medievalist in 5 years time or so–just saying.



  7. westmalle says:

    Will do. And I’ll add a link to Scholasticus my blog, as well.

    I myself would love to add a medievalist to our humble little department. We’ve got an ancient/continental/left-Dooyweerdian guy, a continental/right-Dooyweerdian guy, and me. The ancient guy currently does medieval, but aside from Augustine–which every Christian philosopher does Augustine, do we not?!–it is not really his specialization. We also would like to add a woman to our department, but I guess you won’t be fitting that bill anytime soon!

    I hope the transition back to the U.S. goes well and that you enjoy Fordham. Let me know if/when you are in Wheaton and I’d enjoy getting together for coffee.

    And by the way, please call me Steve.


  8. mfunkyd says:

    Hey Shane,

    Missed you at church Sunday. I can’t believe you put your thesis on the blog, but it looks good (of course I didn’t read it all, just the parts on Decorte). I am very excited that you left your former Heideggerianism for the much superior Henry. The late prof. Decorte would be proud, and I’m jealous. I only wish I was smart enough to write on Henry…

    let’s go for a westmalle before you leave!


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